Bogard brings health and wellness to TTM

Beth Bogard, Assistant to the Director for Transportation and Traffic Management, takes health very seriously. For the past two years, Bogard has served as a Buckeye Wellness Innovator for TTM, a role she is proud to have.

“It’s always been a priority for me to try and bring healthy topics to our staff.” Bogard said.

Bogard has helped guide many individuals in TTM on the path to health, by periodically bringing in health experts that educate employees on subjects like nutrition, stretching and exercise. She has also created a “Wellness Board,” where events and healthy recipes are posted and updated at least once a month.

Bogard makes sure to practice what she preaches. As an exercise enthusiast, Bogard takes part in pilates, yoga and zumba group classes at a local YMCA as many as four times a week. Each day at lunch, Bogard can also be seen taking her daily mile-and-a-half walk around the TTM and UniPrint facilities. On nice days, she’ll even cross Kenny Road and walk through Waterman Laboratories and around the farmland.

“Health is a gift and if we don’t take care of our bodies you lose that health,” Bogard said.

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