Neil Ave. Lane Restrictions

On May 10, beginning at 7 a.m. and continuing through 5 p.m., Neil Avenue between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue will be restricted to northbound traffic only for a crane lift at Oxley Hall. CABS detours will be as follows:

  • CLN – College to 11th, 11th to Neil. No service to the Kuhn Honors House stop. No temporary stops.
  • MC – Route will run the opposite direction, counterclockwise, around the Wexner Medical Center campus. south on Cannon, east on Med Center Dr./9th Ave, north on Neil, west on 12th Ave. The bus will service the CABS stops that are across the street from the normal MC stops.
  1. For Cannon & 12th northbound, use Cannon & 12th southbound
  2. For Med Center & Cannon westbound, use Med Ctr & Cannon eastbound
  3. For Meiling Hall, use Med Center & 9th
  4. For Hamilton Hall, use Neil & 10th
  5. For Doan Hall, the bus will stop across the street at the 12th Ave Garage
  6. For Harding Hospital, the bus will stop across the street at BioScience Building
  • CLS – will not service Mack Hall stop. No temporary stop. Use Neil & 10th
  • ER  no impact
  • BV  no impact