Bicycle Parking Reminders

Students, faculty and staff are reminded to review the bicycle parking and amenities map. Cyclists are asked to avoid attaching bicycles to objects like trees, lamp posts, railings, etc. or leaving bikes unattended for an extended period of time, which may lead to bicycle impoundment. In addition, personal bicycles may not be attached to the Zagster bike share bike racks.  Personal bicycles found attached to the Zagster bike share racks are subject to immediate impoundment.


Bikes In Violation

Bicycles may only be parked and locked on designated bike racks.   Bicycles parked and locked to anything else may be subject to immediate impoundment.  (No warning will be issued to bikes impounded for being in violation.)  Some examples of areas not to be used for bicycle parking include (but are not limited to):

  • Zagster bike share bike racks
  • Landscape areas (such as trees, plants, mulch beds, etc.)
  • Hardscape areas (such as walkways, signs, fences, lampposts, buildings, etc.)
  • Safety areas (disability ramps, fire hydrants, stairways, railings, etc.)
  • or in any manner to block or impede the normal flow of traffic or emergency personnel on a roadway, street, alley, sidewalk, mall, patio, or parking area or prevent routine maintenance in an area of campus. 

Bikes impounded for being in violation will be issued a citation and will be held for 90 days in our impound facility.