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Carmenton Transit

Transportation and Traffic Management provides The Ohio State University with excellent transit-related services. We’re here to ensure that all needs are taken care of for each and every Buckeye.

Looking for transportation options to and from Carmenton? Traffic and Transportation Management (TTM) provides three solutions for routine and on-demand transit.

Bus Options


Track CABS in real-time via the Ohio State App:

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For On-Demand scheduling, download the Tripshot App:

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Popular Destinations

To and From Carmenton


Pelotonia Research Center to Wexner Medical Center
Map showing bus route from Pelotonia Research Center to Wexner Medical center


  • Take the Med Center Express (MC) from the Carmack 2 stop to the Herrick Transit Hub.
  • Use CABS On-Demand from Pelotonia Research Center to Doan Hall (available when Pelotonia Research Center opens)
Pelotonia Research Center to College of Engineering
Map of bus route from the Pelotonia Research Center to the College of Engineering


  • Take the Campus Connector (CC) from the Mount Hall stop to the Knowlton Hall stop.
The James Outpatient Care to Wexner Medical Center (Beginning July 17) 
Campus map showing CABS route from The James Outpatient Center to the Wexner Medical Center
  • Take the Morehouse to Med Center Shuttle (MM) from The James to the Medical Center. 


Contact TTM:

Administrative Office

Monday - Friday:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Service Building Annex
2578 Kenny Road
Columbus OH 43210

614-292-RIDE (7433)

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