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CABS advertising real estate displays your message in front of thousands of Ohio State students, faculty, staff, and visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Providing more than 5 million rides annually, CABS exhibits your advertisements to Ohio State's diverse population in a captive audience setting.

Options and Application

Internal Organizations

Standard 11" x 17" Advertisement (landscape):

  • 2 consecutive weeks: $80.00 (50 ads); $120.00 (100 ads)
  • 3 consecutive weeks: $90.00 (50 ads); $135.00 (100 ads)
  • 4 consecutive weeks: $100.00 (50 ads); $150.00 (100 ads)
External Organizations

Standard 11" x 17" Advertisement (landscape):

  • 2 consecutive weeks: $900.00 (50 ads); $1,200.00 (100 ads)
  • 4 consecutive weeks: $1,200.00 (50 ads); $1,500.00 (100 ads)



Both internal and external organizations are eligible to submit advertisement applications.

  • Internal organizations are university departments and organizations that have accounts recognized by the University Financials System, or student organizations that are listed with the Office of Student Organizations and Activities.
  • External organizations are any organizations that do not have an account recognized by the University Financial Accounting System (FAS).
  • All ads are 11" x 17" landscape view.
  • 50 ads equal one ad per bus; 100 ads equal two ads per bus. Maximum number of 2 ads per bus at any given time.
  • All 11" x 17" ads must be laminated in 10 mil lamination. Ads must be exactly 11" x 17", including all lamination. Indicate crop marks for all artwork, either bleed or no-bleed.
  • Uniprint, the university's print department, is available to print your ads according to the CABS advertising standards. Order through UniPrint's online portal.

Submit an Application


Please send or bring your payment to 2578 Kenny Road, Columbus OH 43210. Credit card payments may be processed on the phone at 614-247-7013.

  • Remember, payment is due at the time the customer requests a space reservation, but payment will not be processed until the advertisements are approved by Transportation and Traffic Management. Payments must be received before a space officially can be reserved. 
  • Cancellations must be received by noon on Wednesday before the Thursday advertisement drop-off deadline to receive a refund. Any cancellation after this time results in the forfeiture of the right to a refund.


Dimensions & Composition

All ads are 11" x 17" and must be laminated in 10 mil lamination, or printed on a heavy cardstock that is equivalent to 10 mil lamination thickness. Standard advertisements must be exactly 11 inches high and 17 inches wide (tabloid) and in landscape view (including any lamination or other material that extends past the advertisement composition).

If the advertisements do not meet the size, composition, and content requirements, the advertiser will be contacted to pick up the advertisements and make appropriate corrections. Only once these corrections have been made will the advertisements be posted in the buses. The advertiser will be given until noon on the Friday before the insert date to bring corrected advertisements to Transportation and Traffic Management. If the advertisements are not delivered by the deadline, the reservation will be forfeited and will be assigned to another department or organization.

Uniprint, the University's print department, is available to print your ads according to the CABS advertising standards.


Transportation and Traffic Management reserves the right to reject any advertisement that promotes illegal activity; attacks an individual’s race, nationality, ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, or gender; or which is detrimental or damaging to the university and its educations, research, and public service mission.

Advertisements for the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms will not be accepted. In addition, advertisements containing social content (i.e., abortion, politics, etc.) will not be accepted.

Advertisements that contain the university’s logos or trademarks without written permission of the Trademark and Licensing Services will not be accepted. We further reserve the right to reject any advertisement for any reason. In cases of doubt, the material to be posted will be submitted to the Director of Transportation and Traffic Management or their designee who will make the final determination regarding acceptability. Their decision is final. 

Reposting Information

If you would like to repost a previous advertisement, follow these instructions:

  • A new advertising application is needed for each advertising reservation. Please remember that spaces may not be reserved more than two months in advance. 
  • Transportation and Traffic Management is not responsible for lost or damaged advertisements when reposting.
  • The customer must pick up the advertisements within the 5-day period after the first posting and then return the advertisements with a completed application and payment for the second posting. This allows the customer the opportunity to replenish the number of advertisements, if needed. TTM will not store advertisements.


Additional Information

Please make sure you follow this guideline when ordering advertising space:

  • Advertising space will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one space may be reserved per advertising timeslot.
  • Obtain advertisement approval from Transportation and Traffic Management before printing advertisements.
  • Allow 3 business days for approval.
  • Deliver advertisements after obtaining approval from Transportation and Traffic Management. Transportation and Traffic Management will post two advertisements in each bus (for 100 ads) or one advertisement in each bus (for 50 ads).
  • Advertisements must be turned in by 2 p.m. on the Thursday before the advertising period.
  • Any advertisements not received by deadline will not be posted the first reserved week of advertising and instead must wait until the following week (or next available week) to post advertisements. It will be considered a no-show. Two no-shows during one year result in the forfeiture of the opportunity to advertise for one year. Refunds will not be issued for missed postings.
  • Advertising weeks run Sunday through Saturday. 
  • Because of bus rotation on routes, Transportation and Traffic Management is unable to accept requests to advertise on certain routes only.
  • Advertisements dropped off without reservation will not be posted in the CABS buses. The organization will be given five business days to pick up the advertisements. Once the 5-business-day timeline has elapsed, Transportation and Traffic Management will dispose of the advertisements.
  • Questions? Email us at