Billing Rates

Transportation and Traffic Management Services

Fee DescriptionFY24 AmountUnit of Measure
Bike Locker Monthly Rental (3 month minimum)$10.00Months
Bike Locker Key Deposit (refundable)$40.00Each
Bike Locker Key Replacement$40.00Each
Bike Locker Annual Rental$100.00Months
Bicycle Impound Fee$30.00Each
Billable Labor - Staff$45.00Hours
Billable Labor - Student$16.00Hours
Use of Truck for Special Events$15.00Hours
Off Campus Delivery Fee$60.00Hours
Standard Cone Rental$1.50Day
Grabber Cone Rental$3.50Day
Barricade Rental$12.00Each
A Frame Rental$10.00Each
Light Tower RentalCost + $50.00Each
Sign Board Rental - TTM$400.00Day
Sign Board Rental - VendorCost + $50.00Each
Technician Labor Rate$ 100.00Hours
Overtime Labor Rate$127.50Hours
Annual Safety Inspection Fee, Auto$50.00Each
Annual Safety Inspection Fee, Truck$75.00Each
Sublet RepairsCost + 20%Each
On-Site FuelCost + $.25 per gallon 
Off-Site FuelCost + $.25 per gallon 
Off-site Fleet Card ChargesCost + 20%Each
Auto PartsCost + 30%Each
Car Wash$10.00Each
Supply Fee10% of laborHours
Maintenance plan mileage fee$1.00Mile
Storage fee for vehicles not picked up$50.00Day
First Issue Fuel Card/Replace Broken Card$3.00Each
Replace Lost Fuel Card$10.00Each

*For charter fleet rates, please visit the Charter page.