You’re Going Places, Get There Safely

New or ongoing construction may have changed the way you drive, walk or travel to work or class since you were last on campus. Pay particular attention to areas near the medical center, Cannon Drive and Woodruff Avenue where roadways and sidewalks may be impacted by construction. Visit the university traffic impact map for more details. CABS riders can find updated service routes and times online.

Please allow extra time and plan ahead by following these safety tips:

  • Be aware when approaching construction zones; look out for traffic and follow instructions of signage or safety personnel.
  • Motorists should not text and drive and should be on alert for pedestrians crossing the roadway.
  • Pedestrians should always use crosswalks and wait for the walk signal to enter the roadway.
  • At non-signalized crosswalks, pedestrians should stop and look both ways to ensure vehicle traffic is slowing before entering.
  • Make safety a priority by eliminating distractions, putting your phone down and taking earbuds out.
  • Bikes and scooters should follow traffic rules for vehicles and ride in the road, not on sidewalks.
  • Bikes can use the full lane and motorists must allow at least three feet of space when passing.

You’re going places, so please follow these tips to help you get there safely.